Infant cereals

mom babyLooking to have your own baby cereals brand?

Finding the right baby cereal manufacturer can be challenging. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced partner, you cannot make a better choice than Belourthe. Belourthe owns one of Europe’s largest, most efficient and best equipped baby cereals processing plants. Yet we are a independent company, flexible and client-oriented. We produce standard or customized formulations - that are developed by our own R&D team and respond to the needs of any particular market.

Belourthe takes the greatest care with the health of babies!


Our cereals are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of babies. They have no additives. We only use the best natural ingredients.
We have one dedicated line for gluten free products, avoiding allergenic contamination.

Made with hydrolyzed cereals

Belourthe is one of the world's only independent cereal manufacturer having the capability of hydrolyzing cereals. The hydrolysis modifies the complex cereals starch, breaking it down to smaller and simpler sugars.  Hydrolysis also brings a natural sweet taste to the cereals, with less addition of sugar.


The benefits of hydrolyzed cereals:

  • Easier digestion. The baby is more confortable after each meal
  • Sweeter taste
  • Less viscosity, with easier reconstitution

Our innovations help protect babies in their development

Belourthe was one of the first baby cereals industries to introduce DHA, that promotes good brain development, and fibers, that help the growth of good bacteria in the digestive system, reducing the risks of intestinal infection and constipation.
Our baby cereals contain more fiber and are fortified with adequate levels of the most important vitamins and minerals for the healthy development of babies.


Large choice of baby cereals

logosWe help you develop your baby cereals recipes and package them with your own branding/label.
We also have a range of cereals for stage 3 (toddler).
Most of our cereals can be organic and all of them are Halal. Many items are gluten-free.

Here are a few varieties we produce. Any combinations of these varieties is possible.

  • Wheat
    Wheat biscuit
    Wheat with fruits
    Wheat with honey
    Wheat with dates
    Rice and corn
    Rice and corn with honey
    Rice and corn with dates
    Rice honey
    Rice with fruits
    Multi cereals
  • Wheat flakes
    Wheat flakes with fruits
    Wheat flakes with Bolacha Maria
    Rice with vegetables
    Rice vanilla
    Multi cereals 
    Multi cereals with different fruits
    Multi cereals with honey
    Multi cereals with Bolacha Maria
    Cereal flakes with cocoa
    Cereal flakes with honey
    Rice and corn
    Rice and corn with fruits
    Rice and corn with honey
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