About Belourthe

The Belourthe Group

Manufacturers of quality baby foods

The Belourthe Group is the reunion of three family companies:

  1. Belourthe (Belgium) – producer of baby cereals and infant formulas.

  2. Nutriceal (Portugal) – producer of baby cereals.

  3. Ninolac (Luxembourg) – purchasing centre and provider of commerce and export solutions.

A map displaying the locations of Ninolac, Belourthe and Nutriceal

The very foundation of who we are


We have strict commitment to thehighest possible quality of our products.


Our choices of technologies enable diversified solutions in baby food, including the latest innovations.


A team of skilled and experienced professionals committed to carry on our mission.


Some key moments of Belourthe

Our roots go back more than 60 years ago.


Nestlé starts baby food production in the plant located in Hamoir, Belgium.


Belourthe takes over the Nestlé plant.


Ninolac International is founded in Luxembourg.


Belourthe wins ‘Enterprise of the Year’ and the 'Wallonian Entrepreneurship Prize'.


Belourthe buys out the brand OUFTI! and make it their own.


Belourthe starts producing milk formulas and builds a new warehouse with solar panels.


Belourthe wins the 'SME Gold Award'.


Sustainability is part of our DNA

At Belourthe, we focus heavily on corporate sustainability. We have implemented various actions to support sustainable food and practices. These include prioritizing local producers and short circuits for raw materials, reducing our environmental footprint through initiatives such as installing solar panels and using natural gas, treating waste water effectively, recycling waste, and saving energy through LED lights and motion detectors. We also promote sustainable transportation by offering free rail travel to our employees and have introduced eco-designed packaging. Finally, we believe that education and awareness raising remain an essential part of our work, as together we can make decisions for a more sustainable future.

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A picture to show the sustainability at Belourthe

Our baby foods are present all over the world

Map of the countries where Belourthe baby nutrition food is exported to.

The belourthe factory

The Belourthe factory in Hamoir, Belgium, is in a quiet place, surrounded by forests and far from any pollution.