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Belourthe factory machines

Enhanced cereal flour processing

During this stage, cereal flour (wheat, rice,oats) is dissolved in water and heated before being treated with two types of enzymes. These increase the sweetness and improve the texture of the mixture. This step optimizes the product's organoleptic qualities, facilitates digestion and adds a natural sweet note. The mixture is then cooled, stored and incorporated into different recipes at the customer's request. The company is able to carry out a large number of degrees of hydrolysis, as well as a variety of incorporation rates, enabling a wide range of textures to be obtained.

Wet mixing in action

Mineral-enriched cereal mashing

Wet mixing, also known as mashing, is where the dry ingredients are mixed with hydrolysed cereals, viscous materials (fruit syrups, honey), vegetable oils and water. Dry ingredients are cereal flours, milk powder and minerals. Some minerals are essential for healthy growth and development. In addition, milk brings a biscuit taste to the product thanks to Maillard reactions during drying. The result is a homogeneous paste which is then cooked by steam injection and sent to the dryers.

Belourthe machinery

We're a flexible multi-dryer plant

The plant comprises nine dryers, including four single-cylinder and five twin-cylinder units, offering great flexibility and production capacity (up to 20,000 tons per year). The dough is deposited on these heated cylinders, which dry it and produce a film of product. This film is then reduced to flakes or powder according to customer requirements. The flakes/powders are then conveyed to the dry mixing lines. The plant also has a line specially dedicated to gluten-free products.

Machine used to dry the cereals

Tailored dry blending expertise

The mixing stage enables flakes or powder to be mixed with other dry ingredients such as fruit and vegetable flakes, milk powder, flavoring, minerals or vitamins, according to customer and consumer requirements. The dry blending area is considered a high-hygiene zone, requiring enhanced measures to guarantee the quality of the finished product. The powder is then conveyed to the filling lines.

Storage of the finished products

Efficient packaging and filling solutions

Finally, the product is packaged before being shipped to customers. The product is shipped in tins, in bag-in-boxes, or sold in bulk in bags or big bags. Our filling lines also feature high capacity and flexibility, offering our customers a wide choice. The products are also placed in a controlled atmosphere before being packed into cartons. At the end of the line, our automatic filling machines place products directly onto pallets for storage. The products are carefully checked before being dispatched to the customer.


Our certifications

Belourthe holds a series of certifications that help strengthen the trust we have with our consumers by guaranteeing the food safety of all our products. Our certification program gives you peace of mind in knowing that the products you buy have been produced, processed, and distributed according to strict procedures.
What's more, we are committed to maintaining superior quality across our entire range through carefully selected raw materials and rigorously controlled manufacturing processes. It's essential to us that you know where your food comes from. We are committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly practices throughout our business.

Logos of certification including IFS, ISO, Meta, Halal

Quality policy

We invest in the continuous improvement of our processes, products, and services. We work to maintain open working environments, motivated and trained teams. We maximize our resources, to achieve excellence in environmental performance and food safety. We put in place strategic guidelines for Food Quality and Safety:
- Producing in environmentsthat meet the most demanding Quality and Food Safety standards.
- Identifying and controlling risks.
- Training teams to ensureand focus on Quality and Food Safety.
- Collaborating with the other links in the food chainto ensure the safety of the products.

Quality management system

A team of seasoned quality professionals support building a supply chain that conforms to all control, food safety and traceability requirements of our ingredients. Among others, the SQUAD monitors the growing, harvesting and storage of the cereals that we use. In addition, as a company with a vast international network of customers, we pay particular attention to each country, ensuring that we meet the specific requirements and quality standards of each one. We aim to tailor our services to the specific needs of each customer.

Baby cereals picture.
Research and development

Need your own cereal formulation?

Thanks to our very reactive Research & Development team, Belourthe can deliver products matching specific formulations requested by our clients. We can orient and cooperate with clients in the development of new products, or even products made to compete with similar ones already present in the market. We can develop specific baby food formulations and enrich them with vitamins, minerals, fibers, and DHA.

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